What to expect

When you meet Olivia, you can expect to meet a compassionate consultant who is easy to talk to about anything. She will talk to you in terms you can understand and will explain options of treatment without any pressure.

At your first appointment, Olivia will ask you about your problems and allow you the time you need to express your concerns and anxieties. She will then ask you about your other relevant medical history and medications that you take. Following this, Olivia may need to examine you – on the tummy and internally with a speculum and digital examination. A chaperone will also be present. Some investigations may be carried out during the examination and Olivia will explain this beforehand. Further charges are made by the hospital for a speculum examination and tests – see the page on Fees

Olivia will then suggest further investigations as necessary and discuss a plan for treatment. All options for treatment will be discussed in full and you can make the choice as to which you feel is the right treatment for you. Olivia will give you written information to help you.

Most of the time, the necessary investigations and treatments will be completed in either one or two visits to the clinic. Olivia will contact you with the results of any tests as soon as they become available.

From October 2018 the government will publish surgeons’ outcome data on www.PHIN.org.uk where you can see average length of stay of Olivia’s patients in LGH and Spire Hospital.

If you have any further questions, you can contact Olivia either by email or by leaving a message with her secretary – Gemma.