Well Woman Check Up

Sometimes you may like a check up to reassure yourself that you are well. Olivia can examine you to check for any abnormalities and routine tests can be performed to check for any infections, ovarian cysts, precancerous changes in the cervix or womb.

Tests Olivia can provide for you:
• Sexual health infection screen (Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma) and other non-sexually transmitted vaginal infections such as Candida (thrush) and BV (bacterial vaginosis), and blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis and Syphilis
• Cervical smear (Pap Smear)
• Ultrasound scan
• Blood tests may include anaemia and iron levels, thyroid function, vitamin D levels, CA125 if you have cysts, tests for the menopause.
• Pregnancy testing and contraceptive advice
If you have any other concerns, Olivia can tailor your investigations to your needs.

Please note: Olivia is not able to offer a colposcopy service. If you have an abnormal smear you should see a gynaecologist who is a qualified colposcopist.