Surgical Outcomes – numbers of operations carried out and complication rates

Major operations performed in NHS and Spire Between 1.1.2015 and 30.6.2021
Length of hospital stay after major surgery 1.1.2015 to 30.6.21
No significant numbers of complications with major operations between 1.1.2015 and 30.6.2021

One superficial bladder tear – easily repaired

Two returns to theatre (one bleeding, one haematoma)

No significant complications following planned minor surgery between 1.1.2015 and 30.6.2021
Olivia is an accomplished advanced hysteroscopist and has extremely low complication rates with these procedures (diagnostic hysteroscopy, Myosure and Endometrial Ablations) between 1.1.2015 and 30.6.2021