Missed Appointments

When you miss an appointment, Olivia still incurs costs and is unable to see anyone else in that appointment slot. Therefore you will be charged for any missed appointments or late cancellations within 24h of your appointment time. This is the case whether you are insured or self funding your appointment.

In the case of Virtual Appointments, you must follow the instructions for logging on to the ZOOM platform and ensure that you have adequate internet connection. For telephone appointments, you must be available to take the call in a private space with adequate telephone reception. Calls may come through to you in a 30 minute window either side of your appointment time.

If you are unable to take the call, do not answer the call, have inadequate reception or do not enter the virtual waiting room you will be deemed to have missed your appointment and will be charged in full for the cost of the appointment. This is the case whether you are self funding or insured. Insurers will not cover the cost of your missed appointment and you will be billed directly for it.