Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition should really be called Poly-follicular syndrome as the “cysts” are not actually cysts but follicles (i.e. very small) in this condition. It is associated with infrequent or absent periods, unwanted hair growth (hirsuitism), hair loss (alopecia), acne, difficulty with weight loss (not always) and subfertility (difficulty getting pregnant). It is due to insulin resistance – the body’s lack of proper response to insulin which leads to hormonal imbalance with an excess of male-type hormones. It is diagnosed if you have two out of three of the following
• Blood tests which support the diagnosis or significant hirsuitism
• USS features of ≥12 follicles in an ovary or ovarian volume ≥10cc
• Less than 9 periods per year
Olivia can fully investigate you for this condition if you think you may have it and discuss with you how best to manage it. She will also discuss the long-term implications of the condition.