Fees for consultations and common procedures at Spire Hospital

Olivia accepts patients who wish to fund their own care and those with Medical Insurance with:
CS Healthcare
PruHealth / VitalityHealth
The Exeter

Beneden Insurance
Please be aware that if you are insured by Beneden, although they will usually cover you for consultations and investigations at Spire hospital, they do not cover any procedures or operations at Spire Hospital in Leicester. The nearest hospital that Beneden work with is the Woodlands Hospital in Kettering. If you think you will need an operation, it would be prudent to see a gynaecologist there.

If you are insured with another company, Olivia can register with them in order for you to make use of your insurance policy. Please contact Gemma before booking an appointment.

Olivia is a Fee Assured Provider – this means she will not charge a supplement on top of the standard fees covered by your insurance provider. However if the terms of your policy include an excess, you will be personally liable charges not covered by your policy.

If you will be paying for your care yourself (as opposed to through a Private Medical Insurance company), Olivia charges the following standard consultation fees:

New appointment (30 minutes approx) £250
Follow up appointment (20 minutes approx) £175 (for all appointments booked after 1.8.22)

Missed appointments and late cancellations – click here for policy

Some minor investigations or procedures can be carried out in the clinic or minor operations room and will incur a charge in addition to the consultation fee. Any additional charges will be explained before carrying out any such procedures.

Please note that additional fees will be charged by the hospital for all investigations and tests. If you require a private (non-NHS) prescription, these also incur a charge by the pharmacy as well as the cost of the medication itself.

Listed below are some approximate charges for investigations that you may require as charged by Spire Healthcare. These charges may be subject to change by Spire and are provided to you as a rough guide. If you wish to know exact costs these can be requested from Customer Services at Spire Healthcare.

Ultrasound Scan: transabdominal only £320, transabdominal and transvaginal £419
MRI: Pelvis only £470; Pelvis & Abdomen £690
CT: Abdomen and pelvis (two areas) £1174 with contrast £99
CT: Chest, abdomen and pelvis (three areas) £1507

Chest Xray £129
Abdominal Xray £129
Pelvic Xray £129

DEXA bone scan is no longer available at Spire

All blood tests are subject to an additional phlebotomy service charge by Spire of £20

Blood tests for Secondary Amenorrhoea (periods stopping)

FSH £56
LH £55
SHBG £64
Testosterone £54
FAI – free androgen index £120
Prolactin £55
TFT – TSH £51 (and if abnormal FT4 £49 FT3 £50 and Thyroid antibodies £55)
HbA1c £49
Additional tests may be required:
17 Alpha hydroxyl progesterone £52

Blood tests for Recurrent miscarriages:
Lupus anticoagulant £122
Anticardiolpin Antibodies £57
Anti Beta2 glycoprotein1 antibodies £63
Ultrasound scan as above (unless previous scan outside of pregnancy already available)
TSH £51 and FT4 £49 if symptoms of thyroid dysfunction
Chromosome Studies £447

if previous second trimester losses:
Thrombophilia screen £343
Serial transvaginal USS of cervical length £260 per scan
Serial Screening for Bacterial vaginosis (swabs) £83

Tests for Infertility:
FSH, LH, Testosterone, SHBG, FAI, Prolactin, TFT,
(DHEAS, 17 alpha hydroxyl progesterone as above)
Progesterone £53
Semen analysis £73
HSG (Hysterosalpingogram – tubal patency test) £440 OR
Laparoscopy and Dye Hydrotubation operation £2,865
HIV 1&2 £62
Hepatitis B antibodies £63

Tumour markers (blood tests for cysts):

CA125 £71
LDH £36
Alpha fetoprotein £57
Beta HCG £55 – may also be done in early pregnancy
CA19.9 £59 – if suspicion of cancer in the upper abdomen
CEA £65 – if suspicion of cancer of the bowel

Other blood tests that may be needed
FBC £60
U&E £51
LFT £71
CRP £49
Ferritin £55
Serum Folate £48 and vitamin B12 £20
Vitamin D £112
HbA1c £49
Lipid Profile £58
Sickle cell screen £40

Tests for infections:
Chlamydia swab – £90 or blood test – £62
Gonorrhoea £54
High Vaginal Swab – for infections such as thrush and BV £85
Wound Swab £54
Urine infections £52
CMV £51
EBV £76
Toxoplasma IgG £62 & IgM £53
HSV Herpes Simplex £47

Other commonly performed tests or treatments in the clinic appointment (hospital fee + consultants fee)
Height and weight measurements:£26

Pregnancy Test (urine) £25
Urine test (dipstick) £27

Fecal Calprotectin (test to exclude IBD to diagnose IBS) £68

Minor procedures in clinic

Primary HPV test {was cervical (Pap) Smear} £62 – most insurers will not cover the cost of a smear
– please be aware that there is always a small possibility that at smear will not yield a result {inadequate cells collected} and will need to be repeated if this happens
Pipelle endometrial biopsy £190 + £130
Cervical Polypectomy (removal of polyp from cervix) £164 + £137
Punch biopsy of cervix £210 + £110

Removal of intrauterine contraceptive device or IUS £42 +

Insertion of Pessary (for prolapse) £27 + £91
Insertion of Oestrogen implant £200 + £110

Simple Intramuscular injection £150

Minor Procedures carried out in Outpatient Minor Ops room (Hospital fee + consultant fee)

Vulval biopsy £610 + £150

Common Operations – Consultant fee + one follow up appointment included

The fees quoted are for Miss Barney only. Hospital and Anaesthetist fees are additional. Please call 01162720888 for a full all inclusive quotation.

Hysteroscopy and biopsy +/- insertion Mirena IUS (£515)

Hysteroscopic therapeutic procedures eg to remove polyps (Myosure) +/- Mirena IUS Insertion (£845)

Diagnostic Laparoscopy and minor treatment (£665)

Therapeutic Laparoscopy (eg cystectomy, adhesiolysis, tubal surgery) (£845)

Laparoscopic sterilisation (£610)

Open Ovarian cystectomy (£820)

Open Salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of one tube and ovary) (£665)

Open Total abdominal hysterectomy and removal of tubes +/- ovaries (£1000)

Laparoscopically assisted Vaginal hysterectomy and removal of tubes +/- ovaries (£1,028)

Vaginal hysterectomy for prolapse (£1,000)

Vaginal hysterectomy and vaginal repair for prolapse (£1,100)

Vaginal repair for prolapse (£800)

If you think you need a different operation, contact Gemma or Spire Customer Services for advice