Shortage of HRT gel

There is currently a national shortage of HRT gel. There are only two brands of Oestrogen gel in the UK – Sandrena and Oestrogel and one type of skin spray Lenzetto.

Please see this table for the equivalent dosage of Oestrogel, Sandrena and Lenzetto. Technically, the higher doses exceed the UK licence for Sandrena gel, however there is no safety concern with exceeding the dose as per the licence as this amount of Oestrogen remains in the licence for Oestrogel and Lenzetto.

Ultralow0.5mghalf 25Half-1 pumphalf a 0.5mg sachet1 spray
Low1mg251 pumpsOne 0.5mg sachet2 spray
Medium2mg502 pumps1mg or 1mg plus 0.5mg sachet3 sprays
High3-4mg75-1003-4 pumps2-3 x 1mg sachet
Alternative options for types of HRT tablet, patch, transdermal gel or spray