Prolapse is a condition where the vaginal muscle layer has become weakened or torn (usually after childbirth) and bowel at the back or bladder at the front pushes into the vagina making a bulge. Sometimes the supports to the womb (or top of the vagina after hysterectomy) weaken and the womb pushes down into the vagina. Depending on the severity of the condition and your wishes, Olivia can discuss with you the options of treatment of this uncomfortable condition. In the first instance for milder prolapses, pelvic floor exercises will be recommended or you may be offered a support pessary (a plastic device fitted in the vagina). Alternatively you may prefer an operation to correct the weakness.

If you have had a recurrence of a prolapse, you may need to see a urogynaecology specialist who can offer a mesh repair. If your symptoms are of urinary stress incontinence, a urogynaecologist would be best placed to offer you surgical intervention.