Meet the team

Olivia’s usual private secretary; Lynne Haddon is based at Spire Hospital. She is going to be on leave for the next few months but hopes to return to work in the Autumn. She is highly efficient and an experienced medical secretary. She can be contacted directly by telephone or email – hover over link above

Whilst she is away Gemma Winters will be Olivia’s secretary. Gemma is an experienced medical secretary and will be able to answer your queries whilst Lynne is off.

Gemma can be contacted at

Olivia has several regular anaesthetists who are all highly experienced with excellent bedside manner. They will ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your hospital stay. They are all recognised providers with leading insurance companies

Dr James Sadler

James is a consultant anaesthetist and specialist in Intensive Care Medicine. He works regularly with Olivia for most of her Wednesday morning operating lists

Dr Ralph Leighton

Ralph is a consultant anaesthetist and has worked regularly in the NHS with Olivia and now in Spire hospital. He works regularly with Olivia for most of her Tuesday afternoon operating lists

Dr Michael Fairfield

Mick is a consultant anaesthetist and works often with Olivia at Spire Leicester when her regular anaesthetists are not available.

Dr Simon Tordoff

Simon has a particular interest in chronic pain and runs specialist clinics for patients with this. Simon and Olivia make a slick team as they work together in both NHS and private operating lists.

simon tordoff1